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Approach and Analysis Types

The approach is a way of approaching, observing, analyzing, and explaining a phenomenon closely related to the purpose of the study (Widjayanti, 2006:28). The approach used in this analysis is qualitative pendekakatn. A qualitative approach suggests that the analysis carried out solely based on the facts presented in pamphlets and writings around us.
types of data
Existing data on student thesis and non-language literature Islamic University of Malang Indonesia is a case. This data will be reviewed. Thus, this type of analysis of case studies. This case study is used to assess the fulfillment of the sentence to be effective in our lives.
In addition, this analysis has several characteristics. First, a descriptive meaning, the analysis is intended to describe the form of drafting errors in the effective sentence pamphlets or writing that is all around us without any kind of treatment in the source data. This analysis is descriptive for the analysis of fault-kesalaan peyusunan effective sentence in the source data.
Second, this analysis is natural, that this analysis dilakuakan in situations of natural and reasonable. Here I just recorded data as if there are form errors on pamphlets and written language around us.
This analysis is inductive, meaning that this analysis does not intend to examine the hypothesis formulated earlier. However, this analysis is intended to attract keimpulan the basis of data taken from pamphlets and writings around us.


Everywhere felt, that the modification could be a reality as proved  by symptoms like depersonalization, the frustration and apathy (paralysis mental), conflicts and variations of opinion on ethical norms that were antecedently thought-about to be absolute, the opinion of the generation gap (chasm understanding between generations) et al.. Indeed, the presence or absence of a modification in society, the disruption of the balance (equilibrium) between social units (social units) inside the community, will solely be seen through these symptoms.
Many of the causes of changes in society, among alternative sciences (human mental), advances in technology and its use by the general public, communication and transportation, urbanization, modification / increase hope and human tutunan (rising demands). All this affects the community and has caused the modification in society through the shock and therefore there was a modification in society that is termed fast social modification.
Changes in society within the broadest sense, is outlined because the modification / development in a very positive sense and nrgatif. In general, motivation (impact on modification, hope, and therefore the mental and material needs) because of technical progress or technical modification. however as a result of every discovery technique has caused changes to the human mental, uses discovery techniques (technology) will result in modification.
Definition of motivation the act of stimulating somebody or oneself to require a course of action want. It includes a stimulant and Desired result, (Michael J. Jucius, Personal management, 4th ed, capital of Japan 1962 h. 44). Humans altogether sectors of society, that is, modification the opinion and judgment of what's landed once the employment of the invention was thought-about to be absolute, not subject to vary. Valuation changes had occurred since the inner construcsion sangsikan and human philosophy, since the invention of the technique and its use inquiring for a replacement philosophy of human life. wherever modifications within the human construction and so the one-unit course can have the result of social change social relations antarsatuan, by itself balance in a very society for a time interrupted, yautu as a result of any modification of angle on the social unit'm dynamical attitudes on alternative social units with result, that the entire pattern of the modification similarly. during this multicomplex paced modification by itself there square measure 2 prospects, namely:

1. that folks notice worth system and a replacement philosophy of life
2. man immersed within the issues they face and might not take a stand (decision) of the new state.

The second consequence is that people at large square measure inflicting frustration and even apathetic. Instead, the state within which man managed to search out a system of values ​​and a replacement philosophy of life, reflective the approach that humans managed to beat the crisis, that managed to require a call.
In general, the lectures and discussions there's agreement on the very fact that the changes ought to be directed to the event. the problem that currently began to be felt, is that these words don't essentially mean progress or progress.
Seminar Study cluster in 1969 showed that the formulation of development doesn't cowl longer perceived modification and discontentment with the results of this can be the question that has not terjawabkan, namely: the way to lead modification to be helpful to the Indonesian folks, therefore changes to the event.
Social modification within the lives of Arab voters, starting with their response to pikukuh as a long-held identities. the connection with the community outside the Arab life, resulting in the emergence of some want to violate pikukuh, so ancient authorities ought to intervene to resolve it. yet, there also are changes that occur while not breaking pikukuh, as a result of such actions square measure fascinating or circumstances that occur outside force which will modification them, therefore there's tolerance of ancient leaders against it.
Among a number of the Arab community there square measure people that deliberately desire a modification, even supposing the implications ought to get out of the Arab life. These embody spreading the thought of ​​change and convey the community United Nations agency square measure willing {to modification|to vary|to alter} to urge faraway from pikukuh, then settled outside the village Kanekes.
At first the voters United Nations agency have turned attempting to regulate to the new conditions outside the Arab life, and not some of them got resistance from the encircling community, so among them there square measure the village Kanekes. Of course, to just accept the come back needed sure conditions.
Bedouin voters United Nations agency are outside the village Kanekes as standard voters can't simply break the bonds of kinship with the Arab community within the village Kanekes. They looks several square measure still carrying the recent habit doesn't simply disappear, walauun they need modified materially as art, religion, and naming others. however spiritually they're still tied to some quirks within the place of origin.


A. Definition
Health problems are suatau a very complex, interrelated with other issues beyond health itself. Factors that affect health such as:
- descent
- Environment
- Behavior
- Health care

The scope of environmental health, namely:
- Housing, human waste disposal, water supply,
Garbage, sewerage, cages etc..

The house is one of the basic requirements for human life. Factors to consider in building a house that is:
1. Environmental Factors
2. Level of economic ability
3. Community-owned technology
4. Government policy regarding land use

Terms Healthy House are:
a. Building materials (floors, walls, roofs, others pole, rafters and battens)
b. Ventilation (Ventilation Natural and Artificial)
c. Light (Light Natural and Artificial)
d. Building Houses
e. Amenities in the home health (clean water, excreta disposal, Waste Disposal, Waste Disposal Facilities, Kitchen, Family Room, Warehouse and livestock enclosure)?

Water is essential for human life. Healthy Water Requirements are:
Physical Conditions
Terms of Bacteriological
Chemical Terms

Sources of drinking water are:
a. Rainwater
b. Water Rivers and Lakes
c. Spring
d. Shallow Water Well
e. Deep Well Water

How Drinking Water Treatment, among others:
-processing naturally, Water Treatment by filtering,
Waste water by adding chemicals. processing
with air flow, water treatment by heating
to boiling.

Judging from the principle of water treatment can be classified into two, namely:

1.1 Public Drinking Water Treatment
River Water Treatment
Wellspring Treatment

1.2 Water Treatment For Household
Water Well
Pump well water is sufficient to meet the health requirements
b. Rainwater
Household water can also be done through

Four indicators to create a healthy environment that is:
Percentage of households with access to clean water
Percentage of Healthy Homes
Families with ownership of basic sanitation
Public places and food processing
Monitor the implementation of programs within the health care environment can be seen
some indicators are:

1. Use clean water
Need checked number of families with access to clean water
using water from the taps. Dug wells, pumping wells or from water sources

2, Healthy Homes
Keep a healthy home inspection and disseminate the
communities to build healthy homes so precaution against
factor of disease progression can be minimized

3. Families with ownership of Basic Sanitation facilities
 That includes water supply, ownership of household toilets, bins and waste water treatment.

The food includes drinks are the main source pokokdan requirement for human life, but the food is not managed properly it will be an effective medium of transmission of disease transmission in digestion.
In order for the public health need digalakan always maintained clean and healthy living movement. A healthy environment can have substantial impact on health care quality. One's health will be good if the environment around it is also good and vice versa.

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About Islam and culture

Islam was revealed to mankind agamid rule as a mercy for the universe. His teachings always bring benefit to human life in this world. Almighty Supreme Being himself has stated this, as is the rule.
The teachings of Islam are full rule for man's benefit, of course, includes all aspects of human life. Culture is the prayer of the Iranian language Iranian language trivial side of human life, and Islampun been set up and deliver their limits.
1. Meaning and Nature of Culture
In the Great Indonesian Dictionary things. 149, states that "culture" is the mind, the intellect, customs. Medium "culture" is the result of the activities and the creation of mind (intellect) humans, such as beliefs, arts and customs. Sociologists define culture with overall proficiency (customs, morals, art, science, etc.). Medium kebudaaan historians interpret as heritage or traditions. Spiritual aspects of life, including physical culture, as a means (temples, ancestor sculpture, architecture), equipment (clothing, food, tools ceremony). It also covers social systems, such as ceremonies (birth, marriage, death)
2. Relationship between Islam and Culture
To determine the extent to which the relationship between agamid (including Islamic) culture, we need to answer the questions below: why humans tend to preserve the culture, language Iranian rule which moves the human urge to create. Some experts consider that culture is a dynamic cultural tendency to divine. Instead some experts, such as the Gregorian calendar month begetter Bakker, in his "Philosophy of Culture" ADA states that no relationship between agamid and culture, because according to him, that the spiritual life is the conviction agamid adherents, in response to a divine call. This belief is called Faith, and Faith is a gift of God Iranian language, while culture is the work of man. So they can not be found. It is here, that the agamid has been the result of human culture. Various religious behavior, according to experts antropogi, is not governed by the Iranian language verses of scripture, but by their interpretation of the verses of the holy
To see the people and their culture, language Iranian Islam are not looking at one side only. Islam considers that humans have two important elements, namely earth elements and elemental spirits rule the Supreme Being blown into the body. This is obvious in the words of the Supreme Being as-Sajda Qs 7-9: "(Allah) the one man rule began the creation language Iranian soil, then the United States intelligence agency created offspring Iranian language yan vile essence water (semen). Then the United States intelligence agency tune and breathed into (the body) of his spirit (creation) of his "In addition to creating human beings, Almighty Supreme Being also created beings called angels rule, the rule is only capable of doing a good deed, because the Iranian language of light elements created . And also create a Satanic or devil rule can only do evil, because Iranian language created for the fire. While humans, as mentioned above, is a combination of two Iranian language elements such creatures. Thus, Islam has served as a driving force man to "cultured". And at a time rule laid Islam rules, norms and guidelines. Up here, it may be said that the culture itself, derived agamid Iranian language. Theories such as this, it seems much closer to what Hegel stated above rule.
3. Islamic attitude towards culture
Islam, as explained above, it comes to organizing and guiding communities toward a better life rule and balanced. Thus Islam is not come to destroy the culture of the rule has been adopted by a community, Kwa but within Islam wants the same rule mankind is far and avoid things Iranian language rule is not useful rule and bring madlarat in his life, so that Islam needs to straighten and cultural guiding rule in society towards cultural and civilized rule berkemajuan and heighten the degree of humanity.
From there, the culture of Islam has divided into three kinds:
 First: Culture is not contrary to Islamic rule.
In fiqh rules stated: "al adatu muhakkamatun" means that the customs and habits of a society, the rule is part of human culture Iranian language, have an influence on the determination of the law. In Islam Shah-Shah culture, because Islam does not determine the size of the dowry rule should be given to women. Determine the shape of mosque building, allowed the architecture of Persia, or Javanese architecture shaped joglo rule.
Second: Culture most elemental rule against Islam,
then in the "reconstruction" so that it becomes clear Islami.Contoh fence rule, is a tradition of the rule of Ignorance perform the Pilgrimage in a manner contrary to the rule of Islam, such as lafadh "Talbiyah" rule is loaded with shirk, Thowaf the Kaaba naked. Islam came to meronstruksi culture, a form of "worship" rule set rules. Another example is the Arab culture for poetry melantukan Ignorance. By Islamic culture is still maintained, but it is reconstructed to fit with the values ​​of Islam.
 Third: Cultural conflict with Islamic rule.
As in, the culture of "cremation" rule by the island. That rule cremation was held in a festive atmosphere and great fanfare rule, and massive. This was done as a form of improvements to the great apes rule dies to return to the creator. Such ceremonies are very large cost rule.
Another rule by the people Cilacap, Central Java. They have a culture of "Tumpeng Rosulan", namely in the form of food offered to the Prophet rule Supreme Being and other cone rule Nyai Roro Kidul dedicated to rule by local people is sovereign southern oceans (Indian Ocean).
The things above are some examples of cultural rule against the teachings of Islam that Muslims are not allowed to follow. Islam forbids it, because culture is a culture of the rule as it does not lead to the progress of manners, and unity, and not to enhance the degree of humanity of Indonesia, on the contrary is a cultural rule degrades humanity. Because it contains the teachings of rule squander the treasure to rule things useless and humiliating man rule had died.
From there, it is clear that what the rule stated by Dr. Abdul Hadi, a lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy and Civilization Paramadina University, Jakarta, that Islam should not be hostile or remodel the local culture, but should position them as the verses of God in this world or the fiqh is not enough to understand the art, it is not true. Allaah knows best


A. The world's biological wealth is not spread uniformly, tropical life generally is a different kind of spesiaes in large numbers compared to other areas. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world with high biodiversity are an invaluable asset of the nation and the need to use overall.

B. Keankeragaman biological life on earth is all this good plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms, as well as a variety of genetic material they contain and the diversity of ecological systems in which they live.

Diversity there are 3 levels of division are:

1 Biodiversity gene level
Usually affected by the nature of such devices rose colorful, chicken has feather colors, shapes, different body sizes. " Besides the marriage between two individuals living things similar. And environmental factors bleak properties (phenotypes), factor gene (genetic), cross-breeding (hybridization).

2 Biodiversity type level
To determine the level of biological diversity can be seen in the kind of physical attributes such as shape, size grows, colors, habits, etc..
Examples of the bean plants, there is a measure of body length, and there is also a short reply. Habits of life there are upright and some vine.
Contaoh other tribal animals Felidae (the family) who has the distinction of coat color, lorengnya type, size, behavior and environment.

3 Biodiversity ecosystem level
Between biotic and abiotic stresses. Biotic components in the form of various types of living things that we can see.
Whereas abiotic components include physical factors: water, soil, moisture, light, climate, rocks, Both biotic and abiotic components as well as its ecosystem. This raises the interrelationships within an ecosystem harmony of life.

C. Jeni's Biological Wealth In Indonesia
World claimed that Indonesia is a country that has spread across the world biodiversity for land and sea. Diversity in Indonesia is made possible by several things:

-Located between two continents and two oceans
-Of the vast number of islands
-As well as the properties of the unique geography.

Therefore, Indonesia is not only a country but also has a mega boidiversity endimisme a high level. Diversity of ecosystems generate species diversity. Although only 1.3% of the land area of ​​the earth, Indonesia has 17% of the total species of the world.
Biodiversity is an important resource for the socio-economic and cultural Indonesian society and for the country as a whole. For the state of biodiversity is a resource of significant economic importance. Many types of plants that now has global significance and ansional Indonesia.penyebaran derived from flora and fauna and flora plant in Indonesia in Indonesia including the influence of Asian and Australian flora which is divided into 3 zones. Animals or animal fauna Indonesia also influenced by Asia and Australia.

D. Value of Biodiversity
 Biodiversity has a very high value for the survival of human life. The value and benefits of biodiversity are:

1. Food supply

a. Animal
Basically all of the animal protein comes only from wild animals ever domesticated by humans, including the exaltation.
b. Plant
Only a small percentage of plants that have been used for food on a large scale. Genes from a source outside the plant genes with characteristics useful for the crops cultivated. Spesiaes wild plants usually have the large genetic variabitas that different strains can be developed through breeding.

2. Natural pesticide products
Many tropical plants produce chemicals. Local people have found many useful plants as poison or drugs.

3. Drugs
Some plants can be used as drugs, namely:
Cats whiskers as drug-kidney or urinary pain
-Pink stone as diarrhea medicine
-Leaves as medication for high blood
Turmeric as drug-ulcer and hepatitis
Blood-footprint as cancer drugs and diabetes

4. Fertilizer
Spesias bacteria from the ocean that can tie up nitrogen, converting it into a form that can be used as fertilizer.

5. B Ahan raw Household / industrial
-Fiber-eg silkworm used as industrial glue
Biopolymer-especially polymers such as plastics have been produced from bacteria dans ecara theoretically be produced by the plant.
-Oil can also be synthesized from plant products
- Enzymes for washing machine

6. Environmental Benefits
Outside organisms perform functions vital environment and we had difficulty to his own melkaukan.
Bioremediation refers to the use of organisms to clean up toxic waste. Some plant species that live naturally in soils with a high content of heavy metal has developed a biochemical mechanism for extracting it from the ground matal and accumulate in high concentrations in plant tissue.

Seven Elements of Culture

A. Language
-Language is a tool used to communicate with other people, in addition to the language in each region is different and has unique characteristics of the region, for example in Batak society is often used harsh language and impressed Garang, like the angry tone language, the language used in areas solo smoother and softer line with most of its area also contained the royal palace so the language is more organized / polite, to the Java language and have different Sundanese, Javanese example within ATOS said it was hard but in the mean bhasa already. In the language differences, it was concluded Indonesian as a language of instruction across the region, Indonesian because it is easier to understand and pronounce.

B. Livelihood
This occurs because there is a need in the community, also have different livelihood didalamsuatu region, eg rural areas more dominant in a system of gathering and hunting, and areas close to the river over the habit of catching fish, there
C. System of kinship / social organization
It is a system that is important in the structure of society, the kinship system is always available in each region. The smallest family kinship system, this system can be realized through marriage, or mutual help among members of the community. The example in the kinship system BATAK, usually occurs in marriage but marriage between cousins ​​of different clans, or better known PARIBAN systems, this is due to continue the existing genera.

D. Knowledge Systems
Knowledge normally possessed by all the tribes of the world, knowledge can be gained from the experience, trial, or it could be from the revelation. And always have differences, such as Java man wants to grow rice, they use her knowledge by looking at the constellations.

E. Art
Art comes from the copyrighted works of man, containing aesthetic value. Each region has different arts according to the customs of their ancestors, for example in Java there art Shadow puppets, in Bali there Kecak dance etc..

F. Living Equipment / Technology
Technology can be used as a means of survival supplies, means of production for humans. Technology is always evolving every era, in small communities usually still using simple technology.

G. Religion / Belief
Usually associated with the area, people also can not be separated from the system, the trust because it already is handed down from our ancestors, ie the existence of a religion because human fear of death. each region also has a variety of religions.

* Of the seven elements can be concluded that between man and culture influence each other,,