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A. The world's biological wealth is not spread uniformly, tropical life generally is a different kind of spesiaes in large numbers compared to other areas. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world with high biodiversity are an invaluable asset of the nation and the need to use overall.

B. Keankeragaman biological life on earth is all this good plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms, as well as a variety of genetic material they contain and the diversity of ecological systems in which they live.

Diversity there are 3 levels of division are:

1 Biodiversity gene level
Usually affected by the nature of such devices rose colorful, chicken has feather colors, shapes, different body sizes. " Besides the marriage between two individuals living things similar. And environmental factors bleak properties (phenotypes), factor gene (genetic), cross-breeding (hybridization).

2 Biodiversity type level
To determine the level of biological diversity can be seen in the kind of physical attributes such as shape, size grows, colors, habits, etc..
Examples of the bean plants, there is a measure of body length, and there is also a short reply. Habits of life there are upright and some vine.
Contaoh other tribal animals Felidae (the family) who has the distinction of coat color, lorengnya type, size, behavior and environment.

3 Biodiversity ecosystem level
Between biotic and abiotic stresses. Biotic components in the form of various types of living things that we can see.
Whereas abiotic components include physical factors: water, soil, moisture, light, climate, rocks, Both biotic and abiotic components as well as its ecosystem. This raises the interrelationships within an ecosystem harmony of life.

C. Jeni's Biological Wealth In Indonesia
World claimed that Indonesia is a country that has spread across the world biodiversity for land and sea. Diversity in Indonesia is made possible by several things:

-Located between two continents and two oceans
-Of the vast number of islands
-As well as the properties of the unique geography.

Therefore, Indonesia is not only a country but also has a mega boidiversity endimisme a high level. Diversity of ecosystems generate species diversity. Although only 1.3% of the land area of ​​the earth, Indonesia has 17% of the total species of the world.
Biodiversity is an important resource for the socio-economic and cultural Indonesian society and for the country as a whole. For the state of biodiversity is a resource of significant economic importance. Many types of plants that now has global significance and ansional Indonesia.penyebaran derived from flora and fauna and flora plant in Indonesia in Indonesia including the influence of Asian and Australian flora which is divided into 3 zones. Animals or animal fauna Indonesia also influenced by Asia and Australia.

D. Value of Biodiversity
 Biodiversity has a very high value for the survival of human life. The value and benefits of biodiversity are:

1. Food supply

a. Animal
Basically all of the animal protein comes only from wild animals ever domesticated by humans, including the exaltation.
b. Plant
Only a small percentage of plants that have been used for food on a large scale. Genes from a source outside the plant genes with characteristics useful for the crops cultivated. Spesiaes wild plants usually have the large genetic variabitas that different strains can be developed through breeding.

2. Natural pesticide products
Many tropical plants produce chemicals. Local people have found many useful plants as poison or drugs.

3. Drugs
Some plants can be used as drugs, namely:
Cats whiskers as drug-kidney or urinary pain
-Pink stone as diarrhea medicine
-Leaves as medication for high blood
Turmeric as drug-ulcer and hepatitis
Blood-footprint as cancer drugs and diabetes

4. Fertilizer
Spesias bacteria from the ocean that can tie up nitrogen, converting it into a form that can be used as fertilizer.

5. B Ahan raw Household / industrial
-Fiber-eg silkworm used as industrial glue
Biopolymer-especially polymers such as plastics have been produced from bacteria dans ecara theoretically be produced by the plant.
-Oil can also be synthesized from plant products
- Enzymes for washing machine

6. Environmental Benefits
Outside organisms perform functions vital environment and we had difficulty to his own melkaukan.
Bioremediation refers to the use of organisms to clean up toxic waste. Some plant species that live naturally in soils with a high content of heavy metal has developed a biochemical mechanism for extracting it from the ground matal and accumulate in high concentrations in plant tissue.

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