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Everywhere felt, that the modification could be a reality as proved  by symptoms like depersonalization, the frustration and apathy (paralysis mental), conflicts and variations of opinion on ethical norms that were antecedently thought-about to be absolute, the opinion of the generation gap (chasm understanding between generations) et al.. Indeed, the presence or absence of a modification in society, the disruption of the balance (equilibrium) between social units (social units) inside the community, will solely be seen through these symptoms.
Many of the causes of changes in society, among alternative sciences (human mental), advances in technology and its use by the general public, communication and transportation, urbanization, modification / increase hope and human tutunan (rising demands). All this affects the community and has caused the modification in society through the shock and therefore there was a modification in society that is termed fast social modification.
Changes in society within the broadest sense, is outlined because the modification / development in a very positive sense and nrgatif. In general, motivation (impact on modification, hope, and therefore the mental and material needs) because of technical progress or technical modification. however as a result of every discovery technique has caused changes to the human mental, uses discovery techniques (technology) will result in modification.
Definition of motivation the act of stimulating somebody or oneself to require a course of action want. It includes a stimulant and Desired result, (Michael J. Jucius, Personal management, 4th ed, capital of Japan 1962 h. 44). Humans altogether sectors of society, that is, modification the opinion and judgment of what's landed once the employment of the invention was thought-about to be absolute, not subject to vary. Valuation changes had occurred since the inner construcsion sangsikan and human philosophy, since the invention of the technique and its use inquiring for a replacement philosophy of human life. wherever modifications within the human construction and so the one-unit course can have the result of social change social relations antarsatuan, by itself balance in a very society for a time interrupted, yautu as a result of any modification of angle on the social unit'm dynamical attitudes on alternative social units with result, that the entire pattern of the modification similarly. during this multicomplex paced modification by itself there square measure 2 prospects, namely:

1. that folks notice worth system and a replacement philosophy of life
2. man immersed within the issues they face and might not take a stand (decision) of the new state.

The second consequence is that people at large square measure inflicting frustration and even apathetic. Instead, the state within which man managed to search out a system of values ​​and a replacement philosophy of life, reflective the approach that humans managed to beat the crisis, that managed to require a call.
In general, the lectures and discussions there's agreement on the very fact that the changes ought to be directed to the event. the problem that currently began to be felt, is that these words don't essentially mean progress or progress.
Seminar Study cluster in 1969 showed that the formulation of development doesn't cowl longer perceived modification and discontentment with the results of this can be the question that has not terjawabkan, namely: the way to lead modification to be helpful to the Indonesian folks, therefore changes to the event.
Social modification within the lives of Arab voters, starting with their response to pikukuh as a long-held identities. the connection with the community outside the Arab life, resulting in the emergence of some want to violate pikukuh, so ancient authorities ought to intervene to resolve it. yet, there also are changes that occur while not breaking pikukuh, as a result of such actions square measure fascinating or circumstances that occur outside force which will modification them, therefore there's tolerance of ancient leaders against it.
Among a number of the Arab community there square measure people that deliberately desire a modification, even supposing the implications ought to get out of the Arab life. These embody spreading the thought of ​​change and convey the community United Nations agency square measure willing {to modification|to vary|to alter} to urge faraway from pikukuh, then settled outside the village Kanekes.
At first the voters United Nations agency have turned attempting to regulate to the new conditions outside the Arab life, and not some of them got resistance from the encircling community, so among them there square measure the village Kanekes. Of course, to just accept the come back needed sure conditions.
Bedouin voters United Nations agency are outside the village Kanekes as standard voters can't simply break the bonds of kinship with the Arab community within the village Kanekes. They looks several square measure still carrying the recent habit doesn't simply disappear, walauun they need modified materially as art, religion, and naming others. however spiritually they're still tied to some quirks within the place of origin.

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