Sunday, February 24, 2013

Seven Elements of Culture

A. Language
-Language is a tool used to communicate with other people, in addition to the language in each region is different and has unique characteristics of the region, for example in Batak society is often used harsh language and impressed Garang, like the angry tone language, the language used in areas solo smoother and softer line with most of its area also contained the royal palace so the language is more organized / polite, to the Java language and have different Sundanese, Javanese example within ATOS said it was hard but in the mean bhasa already. In the language differences, it was concluded Indonesian as a language of instruction across the region, Indonesian because it is easier to understand and pronounce.

B. Livelihood
This occurs because there is a need in the community, also have different livelihood didalamsuatu region, eg rural areas more dominant in a system of gathering and hunting, and areas close to the river over the habit of catching fish, there
C. System of kinship / social organization
It is a system that is important in the structure of society, the kinship system is always available in each region. The smallest family kinship system, this system can be realized through marriage, or mutual help among members of the community. The example in the kinship system BATAK, usually occurs in marriage but marriage between cousins ​​of different clans, or better known PARIBAN systems, this is due to continue the existing genera.

D. Knowledge Systems
Knowledge normally possessed by all the tribes of the world, knowledge can be gained from the experience, trial, or it could be from the revelation. And always have differences, such as Java man wants to grow rice, they use her knowledge by looking at the constellations.

E. Art
Art comes from the copyrighted works of man, containing aesthetic value. Each region has different arts according to the customs of their ancestors, for example in Java there art Shadow puppets, in Bali there Kecak dance etc..

F. Living Equipment / Technology
Technology can be used as a means of survival supplies, means of production for humans. Technology is always evolving every era, in small communities usually still using simple technology.

G. Religion / Belief
Usually associated with the area, people also can not be separated from the system, the trust because it already is handed down from our ancestors, ie the existence of a religion because human fear of death. each region also has a variety of religions.

* Of the seven elements can be concluded that between man and culture influence each other,,

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