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About Islam and culture

Islam was revealed to mankind agamid rule as a mercy for the universe. His teachings always bring benefit to human life in this world. Almighty Supreme Being himself has stated this, as is the rule.
The teachings of Islam are full rule for man's benefit, of course, includes all aspects of human life. Culture is the prayer of the Iranian language Iranian language trivial side of human life, and Islampun been set up and deliver their limits.
1. Meaning and Nature of Culture
In the Great Indonesian Dictionary things. 149, states that "culture" is the mind, the intellect, customs. Medium "culture" is the result of the activities and the creation of mind (intellect) humans, such as beliefs, arts and customs. Sociologists define culture with overall proficiency (customs, morals, art, science, etc.). Medium kebudaaan historians interpret as heritage or traditions. Spiritual aspects of life, including physical culture, as a means (temples, ancestor sculpture, architecture), equipment (clothing, food, tools ceremony). It also covers social systems, such as ceremonies (birth, marriage, death)
2. Relationship between Islam and Culture
To determine the extent to which the relationship between agamid (including Islamic) culture, we need to answer the questions below: why humans tend to preserve the culture, language Iranian rule which moves the human urge to create. Some experts consider that culture is a dynamic cultural tendency to divine. Instead some experts, such as the Gregorian calendar month begetter Bakker, in his "Philosophy of Culture" ADA states that no relationship between agamid and culture, because according to him, that the spiritual life is the conviction agamid adherents, in response to a divine call. This belief is called Faith, and Faith is a gift of God Iranian language, while culture is the work of man. So they can not be found. It is here, that the agamid has been the result of human culture. Various religious behavior, according to experts antropogi, is not governed by the Iranian language verses of scripture, but by their interpretation of the verses of the holy
To see the people and their culture, language Iranian Islam are not looking at one side only. Islam considers that humans have two important elements, namely earth elements and elemental spirits rule the Supreme Being blown into the body. This is obvious in the words of the Supreme Being as-Sajda Qs 7-9: "(Allah) the one man rule began the creation language Iranian soil, then the United States intelligence agency created offspring Iranian language yan vile essence water (semen). Then the United States intelligence agency tune and breathed into (the body) of his spirit (creation) of his "In addition to creating human beings, Almighty Supreme Being also created beings called angels rule, the rule is only capable of doing a good deed, because the Iranian language of light elements created . And also create a Satanic or devil rule can only do evil, because Iranian language created for the fire. While humans, as mentioned above, is a combination of two Iranian language elements such creatures. Thus, Islam has served as a driving force man to "cultured". And at a time rule laid Islam rules, norms and guidelines. Up here, it may be said that the culture itself, derived agamid Iranian language. Theories such as this, it seems much closer to what Hegel stated above rule.
3. Islamic attitude towards culture
Islam, as explained above, it comes to organizing and guiding communities toward a better life rule and balanced. Thus Islam is not come to destroy the culture of the rule has been adopted by a community, Kwa but within Islam wants the same rule mankind is far and avoid things Iranian language rule is not useful rule and bring madlarat in his life, so that Islam needs to straighten and cultural guiding rule in society towards cultural and civilized rule berkemajuan and heighten the degree of humanity.
From there, the culture of Islam has divided into three kinds:
 First: Culture is not contrary to Islamic rule.
In fiqh rules stated: "al adatu muhakkamatun" means that the customs and habits of a society, the rule is part of human culture Iranian language, have an influence on the determination of the law. In Islam Shah-Shah culture, because Islam does not determine the size of the dowry rule should be given to women. Determine the shape of mosque building, allowed the architecture of Persia, or Javanese architecture shaped joglo rule.
Second: Culture most elemental rule against Islam,
then in the "reconstruction" so that it becomes clear Islami.Contoh fence rule, is a tradition of the rule of Ignorance perform the Pilgrimage in a manner contrary to the rule of Islam, such as lafadh "Talbiyah" rule is loaded with shirk, Thowaf the Kaaba naked. Islam came to meronstruksi culture, a form of "worship" rule set rules. Another example is the Arab culture for poetry melantukan Ignorance. By Islamic culture is still maintained, but it is reconstructed to fit with the values ​​of Islam.
 Third: Cultural conflict with Islamic rule.
As in, the culture of "cremation" rule by the island. That rule cremation was held in a festive atmosphere and great fanfare rule, and massive. This was done as a form of improvements to the great apes rule dies to return to the creator. Such ceremonies are very large cost rule.
Another rule by the people Cilacap, Central Java. They have a culture of "Tumpeng Rosulan", namely in the form of food offered to the Prophet rule Supreme Being and other cone rule Nyai Roro Kidul dedicated to rule by local people is sovereign southern oceans (Indian Ocean).
The things above are some examples of cultural rule against the teachings of Islam that Muslims are not allowed to follow. Islam forbids it, because culture is a culture of the rule as it does not lead to the progress of manners, and unity, and not to enhance the degree of humanity of Indonesia, on the contrary is a cultural rule degrades humanity. Because it contains the teachings of rule squander the treasure to rule things useless and humiliating man rule had died.
From there, it is clear that what the rule stated by Dr. Abdul Hadi, a lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy and Civilization Paramadina University, Jakarta, that Islam should not be hostile or remodel the local culture, but should position them as the verses of God in this world or the fiqh is not enough to understand the art, it is not true. Allaah knows best

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