Monday, February 25, 2013

Approach and Analysis Types

The approach is a way of approaching, observing, analyzing, and explaining a phenomenon closely related to the purpose of the study (Widjayanti, 2006:28). The approach used in this analysis is qualitative pendekakatn. A qualitative approach suggests that the analysis carried out solely based on the facts presented in pamphlets and writings around us.
types of data
Existing data on student thesis and non-language literature Islamic University of Malang Indonesia is a case. This data will be reviewed. Thus, this type of analysis of case studies. This case study is used to assess the fulfillment of the sentence to be effective in our lives.
In addition, this analysis has several characteristics. First, a descriptive meaning, the analysis is intended to describe the form of drafting errors in the effective sentence pamphlets or writing that is all around us without any kind of treatment in the source data. This analysis is descriptive for the analysis of fault-kesalaan peyusunan effective sentence in the source data.
Second, this analysis is natural, that this analysis dilakuakan in situations of natural and reasonable. Here I just recorded data as if there are form errors on pamphlets and written language around us.
This analysis is inductive, meaning that this analysis does not intend to examine the hypothesis formulated earlier. However, this analysis is intended to attract keimpulan the basis of data taken from pamphlets and writings around us.

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